A Quick Note About Baseball Age and Pitching

Players are placed based on “Baseball Age”, which is the age of a player as of April 30th of a given year. This date represents the average start date of the Spring Season and is used to form Spring and Summer teams.  Fall ball is more casual and done based on grade level. Please note, the league may make exceptions to placement based on extreme circumstances. An example of this would be a parent specifically requesting an older player to play down due to having never played before or skill level.

Additionally, Norfolk Baseball’s Spring Cal Ripken League adheres to the smart pitching guidelines as defined by Major League Baseball for youth organizations.

Our flagship season, Spring is primarily developmental in nature and consists of “Cal Ripken” for younger players aged 4-12, and “Babe Ruth” for children aged 13-18.

For those players who wish to continue playing after Spring, Norfolk participates in more competitive, merit based, multi-town summer leagues.

A more recreational, casual centric level of play for those kids who want to continue baseball into the Autumn months with other local towns.

Norfolk’s town AAU club, geared towards players that want an opportunity to compete at a higher level of play during the spring and seek a structured offseason development program.


Tee Ball Division
(Baseball Age 4-5)

Description: The first step in a young player’s baseball journey where players begin to develop core foundational skills needed as they progress through the different levels of the Cal Ripken league.


What to Expect: Tees are utilized to gain familiarity with hitting. Fundamentals of throwing, catching, and base running utilizing basic techniques. Practices are normally structured around “stations” that focus on foundational skill development. Practices and games are often combined and shared between two teams. The first half hour is focused on the skills stations (throwing, base running, hitting, and catching), while the second half of the hour is a “simulated game” – the entire lineup hits each inning and players are moved around defensively to give everyone a feel for the positions. Practices and games are typically held on Saturday mornings.


Equipment: Children need to have their own glove for playing Tee Ball. Baseball Caps and Shirts are provided at the start of the season. Baseball pants and cleats are not required but are better alternatives than sneakers and jeans/sweatpants. Norfolk Baseball provides all other equipment. Children are welcome to bring any personal gear, but bats must adhere to the current standards here.

A Division
(Baseball Age 6-7)
AA Division
(Baseball Age 8-9)
AAA Division
(Baseball Age 9-11)
Majors Division
(Baseball Age 10-12)
Babe Ruth
(Baseball Age 13-18)


(7 year olds)

Description: If there is enough interest at this age level, Norfolk may participate in this league which is administrated by the town of Wrentham. All summer games are against other local towns.


What to Expect: Continuing lessons taught in spring, practices are age equivalent, but may include some additional advanced skills depending on the current league rules adopted by the participating summer towns. Fireball runs for the month of July with games and practices mostly held on weeknights. Your coach will be able to provide additional details on the schedule once teams are announced.


Equipment & Fields Used: Children need to have their own glove for playing summer ball. Baseball Caps and Jerseys will be distributed by your team manager at the start of the season. Baseball pants and cleats are required. As many of the games are travel, kids will need to have their own bats, helmets, and catching gear (for those kids playing the position). Bats must adhere to the current standards here.

Friendship League
(8 year olds)
Hockomock League
(8-12 year olds)
Summer Placement Guidelines


Summer Baseball 2
Grades 3-6

Description: We look to build teams at each grade level, but depending on registration numbers, may combine grades if need be. If there are enough kids for more than one team at each grade, then teams will be split evenly for balance.

What to Expect: These games are mostly played at our AAA field (46' pitchers mound to home plate, 60' between basepaths).  Various rules are adjusted as the kids advance in grade level to keep games balanced and fair. Practices are usually held during the week, with games mixed between weekdays and weekend mornings (usually two per week).

Equipment: Children need to have their own glove, bat, and helmet.  For those played summer baseball, players will re-use their caps and jersey to keep costs low.  There may be a slightly higher cost for those who did not play summer and need a uniform.  Bats must adhere to the current standards here.

Grade 7


The Cannons were created to provide an opportunity for players to participate on an AAU club baseball team as part of their spring season.
The program is geared towards players that want to compete at a higher level of play and seek a structured offseason development program to enhance their baseball experience.


Cannons teams will participate in New England AAU Baseball or an equivalent league.

Developmental Cannons if there is enough interest, as early as baseball age 8, a developmental team can be put together to start teaching advanced fundamentals of the game.  If available in a given year, this team will begin winter training together, and continue into the spring during the regular town spring season to get the kids ready for competitive play.

Junior Cannons will field teams for baseball age 9, 10, 11, & 12 that focus on developing the skills, discipline, and strong character necessary for our players to reach the highest level of personal growth and achievement while emphasizing a strong commitment to teamwork, work habits and mental preparations. These principals are the foundations for the intensive off-season training program, which are led by dedicated coaching staffs. The ideal Cannons players is hungry to learn how to play the game through active engagement and repetition, has respect for others and themselves, and puts team over individual accomplishments.

If selected to a team, our players can expect the following:

  • A 16 to 20 game schedule, consisting of league and non-league games, plus potential playoffs/tournaments
  • Games are played on either Saturdays and/or Sundays as double headers
  • Weekly indoor off-season training typically commencing in mid-December and concluding by the end March
  • Start of season in April and ends in June prior to the start of our summer program


Senior Cannons will field teams at baseball ages 13 and up that carry on the Junior level, but with an increased focus and commitment to the development of the student-athletes in our community. Our goal is to help our players develop the life skills necessary to meet obstacles head on by demonstrating confidence, self-esteem, and awareness of their actions. In addition to above, our senior players can expect:

  • Games likely to continue into July
  • Support for players that aspire to play at the collegiate level

In season practices are conducted at the discretion of each team’s coaching staffs but should not be prioritized over participation in their spring town league games.

Eligibility to Play

Junior and Senior Cannon teams primarily consist of players who live in one of the King Philip towns (Norfolk, Plainville, or Wrentham). Junior players must also be registered for their respective towns Spring Cal Ripken Leagues.

Senior players are encouraged to play in the Spring Massasoit League, but participation is not required to be eligible for the Senior Cannon teams.

Players are required to play for teams based on their baseball age. Cannons uses the AAU baseball age chart to determine a player's baseball age. In cases where an age-appropriate team is not available in the current year, a player may play up (not down) until one is available in the future.

Any exceptions to these rules must be requested and approved prior to tryouts. Exceptions must be approved by the Cannons board, along with the Commissioner and President of Norfolk Baseball and apply to only the current year. It is the responsibility of the player to make additional exception requests for subsequent years.

Players selected for the Cannons’ are expected to treat their other spring teams with equal respect and Cannons coaches will work with the other spring town league coaches to ensure a safe season for all.

Team Selection
Manager Selection
Expectations for Players, Parents and Coaches

Winter Clinics


Description/What to Expect: Norfolk Baseball tries to provide a “tune-up” series of clinics that are age level appropriate in content. These are usually held at local facilities, facilitated by Norfolk Baseball volunteers, and are focused on getting kids ready for tryouts and the upcoming spring season. Depending on age level, sessions usually range from 1-2 hours and are held once per week. These are entirely optional and can be registered for completely separately from the spring season. Additional information is usually available in early January, at the same time when spring registration opens.