Greetings all,

Hope your year has started well.  With registration for Spring now open, we wanted to share some key dates.  More information on each item will follow as we get closer, but this will at least allow you to earmark your calendars.

Saturday, March 11th and Sunday, March 12th (12-4 both days): Evaluations (not tryouts – important distinction) at the AA level and above.  Evaluations are less about individual talent and more about making determining how we distribute kids in order to have balanced teams and competitive leagues.

Late March/Early April: Team Announcements

Saturday, April 29th: Our opening day parade.  Some practices or games may occur earlier than that based on field availability and weather.

KP Cup Tournament Dates: Forthcoming; the towns are working now to determine a schedule.  Stay Tuned.

While we generally base our league populations on baseball age (age as of April 30th), this year we are placing all Pre-K kids into Tee-Ball, and all K and 1st graders into A Ball to ensure all kids at the younger ages levels play with their friends.  This usually works out anyway, but this is to address a handful of kids that may have started school a little later.  Kids at this age are not placed at the AA level, although call up opportunities may occur when AA teams are down players.

Please use the “Contact Us” link if you have any additional questions, or contact Chris Curry.