Saturday, May 14th is our annual Spring Picture Day. As with previous years, it will be held in the open grass area at Freeman Kennedy (where the bounce houses were located on opening day). All teams should have a dedicated time slot, which can be found on the schedule within the app alongside practices and games.

For those parents new to the process, we use a company called “Clix”, who you should have received ordering information from via email over the last week. If you did not, please check your spam folder. There are a few reasons we use Clix. First, they use a process that crops players together to create the team photos, which not only allows us to get team photos if everyone isn’t there at exactly the same time, but allows kids to stay distanced. Secondly, after hearing feedback from parents, you are not required to preorder photos. If you do, they give you the benefit of free shipping, but if you want to wait and see what the photos look like first, you have that option as well.

Even if you are not planning on ordering photos, please do your best to show up for the team photo. We give team pictures to our coaches and sponsors every year as a thank you, and it’s really nice to have all the kids present. Please also do your best to arrive at your scheduled times so we can keep the process moving and keep the kids distanced.

Thank you!