Umpire Registration for 2022 Now Open!

With the season quickly approaching it is time to begin assembling the team of umpires that will officiate our 2022 spring and summer games.  Umpiring is a challenging and rewarding way to stay involved in youth baseball and gain valuable experience in what, for many kids, is their first job.

Who should consider umpiring:

  • 13 year old and up former baseball and softball players
  • Possess self confidence to make and stand by their calls in front of players, coaches, and fans
  • Mentally and physically comfortable calling balls and strikes behind the plate
  • Availability to work at least one game per week
  • Desire to make some money.  Entry level games start at $20 and scale as they gain skill and experience

What preparation is required?

  • Register in the umpire assignment system
  • Take a written exam on rules of the game
  • On field training sessions covering umpiring mechanics and teamwork
  • Uniform and equipment are provided

To get started:

  • Register on the Horizon Assignment System (“sign up” is bottom left of the page – returning umps should login to refresh their data)
  • Use Association 205601 when prompted
  • Use the umpire as the primary record (not the parent)
  • Enter a second parent email address for communication redundancy
  • Enter a phone number capable of receiving text messages and agree to receive texts
  • Note that sign-up is a two-stage process requiring that league acceptance of umpires into the system to complete registration
  • Information regarding testing and scheduling will follow registration

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Director of Umpires.

Brad McCreedy