From time to time, as with school class sizes, populations at an age level can largely fluctuate.  This happens to be one of those years for the baseball 8s and 7s.  As a result of having a lower population of 8s and a very high population of 7s, we want to evaluate the 7s to determine if some have the potential to play up to the AA this year.  The evaluation will take place at the KP High School Field House on Saturday, March 5th from 5:00pm to 6:00pm.  Some details below:

  • If your seven year old player is on the list below, please be aware that this is an *optional* evaluation.  If your child is newer to baseball and you feel they would be benefit from an additional year of more foundational skills work at the A division level, you are not obligated to attend.
  • For those participating in this year’s winter clinic, you can simply drop your player off at 5:00 and pick them up at 7:00, as the evaluations will transition right into the last clinic of the series.
  • Drop off is at the high school roundabout to your left as you enter the high school.  You will see a line of cars queuing up as you pull into the drive.  Pick up works the same way; simply pull in to the circle and we’ll make sure your child gets out to your car.
  • Players should come with at least their glove.  Batting helmet and bat are also fine if they have them.
  • These are closed evaluations.  Only the players and the evaluators are allowed into the facilities.

March 5th
Group E
5:00pm – 6:00pm
KP High School

Amante Stephen
Atwood Cole
Babka Cole
Buley Cooper
Burns Callan
Cataldo Henry
Close Andon
Cooney Liam
Cullen Ryan
Cyr Quinn
Damiano Oliver
Doherty Brayden
Durniok Lucas
Fairchild Daniel
Fisk Robert
Forlasto Jackson
Fritz Zachary
Fuller Thomas
Gavin James
Grant Liam
Hanson Finn
Hardy Cole
Hardy Cameron
Hebert Connor
Hennessy Colton
Hickman London
Iacono Peter
Ingham Enzo
Insogna Matthew
Kern Zachary
Lemenager Harrison
Lonergan Brooks
Lutner Will
Martin Jack
Mcgann Logan
McKechnie Wesley
McKeever Tyler
Miller Thomas
moore andrew
Murphy John
Newell Adam
Rudden Connor
Sheldon Ryan
Soun Reese
Stark Weston
Thoman Jace
Wolff Gavin